About Gordon…

Gordon Abrams

Gordon Robert Abrams is a singer-songwriter, artist and author. He grew up in the shadow of New York City and subsequently lived in the city for much of his adult life. Over the years, Gordon has performed in bands and venues throughout the Northeast, often featuring his original songs and trusty Stratocaster. He now lives in the mid-Hudson Valley region of New York, where he continues to play and record music, paint, and write.

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Charon’s Ferry is Gordon’s first novel, born out of his love for music, mystery, strange adventures, and literature. Please visit the Charon’s Ferry  page to find out more about Charon’s Ferry!

Meanwhile… After Tomorrow, Gordon’s six-song, semi-acoustic solo EP, is set to drop on or about December 4, 2020!! Links will be available shortly!

This collection of originals includes the faux chart-topping hit song “Tomorrow’s Coming Soon,” written by the only-slightly fictional character Chance Martin from Gordon’s novel, Charon’s Ferry. The previously unrecorded song ultimately inspired Gordon to write Charon’s Ferry long before he actually recorded “Tomorrow’s Coming Soon.”

Go figure…