Charon’s Ferry

‘Round midnight, the fog came rollin’ in …

Charon's Ferry Book Cover
Original Cover Art by Gordon Robert Abrams

A rock musician, famous for one hit song in 1983, vanishes without a trace. His albums begin to sell again, and there’s a movie in the works on his life.

But Chance Martin is not dead. In 2006, he arrives home from a gig, only to discover ten years have passed without him. His entire world has changed, but, inexplicably, he hasn’t aged a day.

And that’s when things get really strange.

Members of Charon’s Ferry, a band he played in before his short brush with fame, are stalking him. He doesn’t recognize them and soon learns the bandmates he once knew have all died.

So who are these guys and why do they want him to rejoin Charon’s Ferry?

With the help of a mysterious romance writer named Juliet, the normally unflappable Chance must navigate his strange new life without boarding Charon’s Ferry himself, once and for all.

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Gordon Abrams

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